Sprint Cars
Sprint cars past and present. A collection of stars and cars 360 &  410s wing and non wing. Dirt and asphalt.  Few divisions of race cars could ever have the  colorfull characters, stories or legendary  cars than the Sprint car division.

Ladies First
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                                                                 Jessica Zemken
Jessica Zemken                               Jessica Zemken
Jessica Zemken Sparker NY
                                                            Sarah  Fisher Columbus Oh.
 Sara Fisher                 Sara Fisher
Erwin Crocker first woman to qualify for Knoxville Nationals 2003
                                                                              first woman to win a World of Qutlws event 2004
Erwin Crocker                 Erwin Crocker
                                                                     Judy Bates Barto Pa.
Judy Bates                   Judy Bates

                                                                             Dave  Blaney

              Danny Kuriger  New BrightonPa.                                                          Caleb Griffith Sandusky Ohio
                         Tony Stewart                                                                                            Kyle Larson
                  Cody Darrah   Red Lion Pa.                                        Bradd Sweet California
              Ricky Byers Weirton W.V.                                    Cole Duncan  Lockbourne Oh.
                     Logan Shuchart   Hanover Pa.                                                   Stevie Smith Broken Arrow Ok.
USAC Sprints Sharon Pavement thanks to Tom Sisler for the photos.  Sheldon Kinser won Sharon USAC show 4th of July 1979
     Sheldon Kinser                                              Rick Lavella
                      Billy Caselle                                                       Tom Bigelow
Tom Bigelow won Sharon USAC show 9-2-78 Billy Cassella was 2nd.
These photos are from Sharon date unknown.
          Tim Shaffer                                                                     Daryl Stimeling

Daryn Pittman
Ed Lynch Jr.                                      6 Bob Felmlee and 23 J. Sodeman
Jac and Sheldon Haudenchild
                   Jimmy Light                                                                                             Broc  Martin
    Danny Holtgraver                                                                Cody Darrah
Adam Kekich                                5 Brandon Spithauler 22

Andy Priest                        Jimmy Colvin
Kyle Petty in his only time in a Sprint car Sharon Speedway
USAC Sprints
Henry Clarke Villa Park  Cali.                                                     Scott Priester

                                      Cole Whitt   Alpine Cali.
Cole Whitt                        Cole Whitt
  Jerry Coons Jr. Tucson Az.                                                                  Levi Jones Olney Il.

Jerry Coons Jr.                          Levi Jones
    Scott Bonnell                                                                  Damion Gardner Concord Cali.
Scott Bonnell                          Damion Gardner
            Dave Darland Walton In.                                                                                 Arnold Kent
Dave Darland               Arnie Kent
               Bud Kaeding                                                                                                   Brad Sweet

Bud Kaeding                       Brad Sweet
         Cris Windom                                                                                      Tracy Hines New Castle In.
Cris Windom                            Tracy Hines
      Dave Darland Walton In.                                                                         Cris Windom
Dave Darland                    Cris Windom
Northeast Ohio / Western Pa.
               Danny Kuriger                                                                                       Terry Bowser
                   Cole Duncan                                                                                             Dale Blaney

Ralph Spithauler                                                                     Jimmy Light      

               Tim Shaffer                                                                                           Danny Holtgraver
Tim Shaffer                           Danny Holtgraver
             Rod George                                                                                             Greg Wilson
Rod George                       Greg Wilson
            Cole Duncan                                                                 Scott Bonnell
Cole Duncan                       Scott Bonnell
                                                          Chad  Matthews Sharon Liimited Sprints
                        Rob Eyler
                                                            Bob Felmlee
Bob Felmlee                 Bob Felmlee
         Chad Kemenah                                                                 Brian Ellenberger

Chad Kemenah                       Brian Ellenberger
                 Jack Sodeman                                                         Dean Jacobs       

            Dean Jacobs                                                                                             Ed Lynch Jr.
Dean Jacobs               Ed Lynch JR.
Limited Sprints Sharon Speedway Josh Marquette

Randy Hannagan                                                                            Shane Stewart
Randy Hannagan                          Shane Stewart

         Jac  Haudenschild                                                                                        Danny Smith
Jac Haudenschild                       Danny Smith

Outlaws and other racers past and present
  Donny Schatz W.O.O.4 time Champion                               Chad Kemenah
Donnt Schatz                      
        Steve Kinser                                                                            Terry McCarl               
Toni Lutar                                                                                       Sam Hafertepe Jr.

Paul McMahan                                                                                Jason Meyers            

Joey Saldana                                                                            Chad Kemenah
Joey Saldana                     Chad Kemenah
                                                                                                               Joey Saldana
Joey Saldana
Joey Saldana                       Joey Saldana
Shane Stewart                                                                          Doug Wolfgang
Shane Stewart                            Doug Wolfgang

                    Sammy in the trailer                                                               
                 Billy Paunch                                                                        Jason Johnson  

            Brian Paulis                                                         Kenny Jacobs                                                                 
               Lance Blevins                                                                                 Jimmy Hawley
              Jimmy Hawley
Sammy Swindell                                                  Doug Wolfgang
Sammy SwindellDoug Wolfgang
                 Sharon Speedwway                                                                              Lou Blaney
Sharon Speedway                   Lou Blaney
  Jac Haudenschild                                                                             Rick Ferkle
Jac Haudenschild                  Rick Ferkel
Mike Herbert                                                                                                                   Tim Gee
Mike Herbert               Tim Gee
      Kenny Jacobs & Dale Blaney                                         Rick and Ricky Ferkel
u2 Kenny Jacops 94 Dale Blaney                           Rick and Ricky Ferkel
           Bob Flemlee                                                                    Stevie Smith
Bob Flemlee                  Stevie Smith
Doug Wolfgang                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ed Murphy                      
Doug Wolfgang           Ed Murphy


Bobby Allen                                                                           Kevin Huntley
Bobby Allen                    Kevin Huntley
                                                                                                          Jack Hewitt & Sheldon Kinser
Chuck Ward
Chuck Ward                           Jack Hewitt & Sheldon Kinser
Jack Hewitt & J.W. Hunt                                                                                               Lee Osborne
Jack Hewitt and J.W. Hunt                           Lee Osborne
Dave Fisher                                                                              Andy Hilenbberg
Dave Fisher                       Andy Hilenberg
Dave Blaneys sprint cars

Dave Blaney


Dave BlaneyDave Blaney
Danny Wood                                                                   Sammy Swindell
Danny WoodSammy Swindell
             Frankie Kerr                                                                                     Kevin Huntley
Frankie Kerr                   Kevin Huntley
                      Danny Lasowski                                                         Donny Schatz

Danny Lasowski                       Donny Shotz
                  Steve Kinser                                                                                          Tim Keading
Kinsers Popeye car              Tim Keading
            Mark Kinser                                                Lance Dewease
Mark KinserLance Dewease
             Terry McCarl                                                  Joey Saldana
Terry McCarlJoey Saldana
         Danny Lasowski                                           Ryan Conian
Danny LasowskiRyan Conian
 Asphalt Sprints when they ran againts the Super Mods. 1981
Bob Seelman                                                                King Kramer
Bob Seelman              King Kramer
Johnny Logan
John Logan                    Johnny Logan
Dean Best                                                                                                               Dave Burman

Present day asphalt Sprints Ohio Style
               Hank Lower                                                                                         Aron Pierce

Hank Lower                  Aron Pierce
               Tim Buchanan                                                                                      Todd Buchanan
Tim Buchanan                       Todd Buchanan
              Jeff Banyas                                                                                          Geof Kaiser
Jeff Banyas                 Geof Kaiser
                       Sam Davis                                                                                          A. Piece
Sam Davis                          A. Piece
               Greg  Wheeler                                                                                             Chad Atkinson
Greg Wheeler                    Chad Atkinson
360 Sprints
         Trevor Lewis                         Scott Bonnell
      Trevor Lewis               Scott Bonnell
          Bubba Broderick
Bubba Broderick                     
2009 ASCS Patriot Sprint Champ  #51 Bryan Howland                             Trevor Lewis
Bryan Howland                           Trevor Lewis
              Justin Barger
Justin Barger                     
            Bryan Howland                                                                                   Cris Shuttelworth
Bryan Howland                   Chris Shuttelworth
              Tony Stewart                                                                                                     Dale Blaney
Tony Stewart                           Dale Blaney

More stars and cars from a few years ago.
             Tyler Walker                                                                                         Lance Deawease
Tyler Walker                      
            Dave Blaney                                                                                   Fred Linder
Dave Blaney                       Fred Linder

                                                           Kevin Gobrecht
Kevin Gobrecht                      Kevin Gobrecht
            Keith Kauffman                                                                                     Rocky Hodges
Keith Kauffman                      Rocky Hodges
             Steve Kinser                                                                                     Jared Larson
Steve Kinser                    Larson
        Andy Hilenberg                                                         Brian Ellenberger                                                                                                   
Andy Hillenberg                                        
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